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We aim to make your visit with us an experience you will remember and tell your friends and family after! Our mission is to help our guests create beautiful memories in our shared space.

• At no time can the maximum occupancy of The Social Space 25 guests, The Signature Space 30, The Elite Space 60 be exceeded, these are our maximum capacity, in the situation of Michigan Government Restrictions, those will forgo our maximum capacity. There may be two bookings (one in The Social Space and The Signature space) we are not obligated to disclose this information or confirm there will be no noise issues associated. 

 • There is no smoking (of any sort) permitted inside our space. We reserve the right to charge an additional smoking fee of $399 or other to remove odor and stains from the space.

• No burning candles, incense, sparklers or mosquito coils inside or outside. Please reach out if you’re planning to use birthday candles or have additional requests. 

• Please return all accessories/furniture to their rightful places at the end of your stay. We reserve the right to charge cleaning fees if furniture is moved and not replaced without prior agreement. To rearrange our furniture please communicate with us prior. Once confirmation has been given.

 • If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be contacted and your meeting and/or event will be ended.

•There are security cameras on the property, those are illegal to be tampered with and again, authorities will be contacted if so. Our cameras record 24/7 and are there for our safety and for yours. 

• All trash must be taken out and disposed of in the bin located behind the building. Please do not leave trash on the floor or inside our space. There are garbage bags located in the storage room. We reserve the right to change a cleaning fee of $299 or other if our property is not being respected accordingly. 

• No appliances of any kind are allowed to be brought onto the property. This includes but is not limited to space heaters, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc. There is a $150 fee to bring in your own tables/chairs, we offer FCW in house rentals for your table, chair and other needs.

• Please do not unplug anything that is plugged in, there are plenty of outlets around the space!

  The TV(s) on site, does not have cable service. It’s only to be connected to your laptop via HDMI cable or any gaming systems. Use our wifi service to connect to your private streaming service

Please be respectful of our property/things and keep it clean throughout your stay. Our space is meant to be shared with others and many bookings are back to back. Please leave the space as you would like to walk into it!

 If any of our house rules are broken, we have the right to ask you and your guests to vacate the property immediately without refund. We hold the right to charge any cleaning fees or damage repairs associated with your stay. 

It is very important that you respect the allotted time for your appointment. Our cleaning/sanitizing crew is on standby to clean 15 minutes after each session. If you need to extend your stay, we must know in advance and approve your request before you can extend your time. If you go over your allotted time we will automatically charge your credit for an additional hour. Exceeding your allotted time can jeopardize the session of the person after you or prevent our cleaning/sanitizing team from entering and can result in a $99 for each hour exceeded. If there are multiple instances of this incident we will take action and will ban you from being able to book with Farmington Co-Work in the future.