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How Flexible Workspaces in Michigan Can Save Your Business Thousands.

With the growth of Mchigan’s coworking and flexible workspace options, businesses are no longer forced into long-term leases that essentially trap them in inflexible agreements that may prove to be more costly in the long-term.

There is a lot more to operating a business office than simply organising electricity to turn on the lights and arranging some desks.

Truly flexible workspaces in Michigan

If you’re a part of a scaling or a growing business in Michigan, what does your team look like over the next 24 months?

If you are planning on expanding or even reducing the size of your team during that time, being locked into an inflexible lease in Michigan can lead to you either paying more than you need to for extra space or being unable to grow your business as you need because you do not have the space or resources to accommodate them.

Utilities and facilities without stress

Utilities are increasingly rising in price, especially at a corporate level. By organising private agreements with companies and suppliers, you potentially leave yourself open to surprisingly large usage and connection fees depending on your organisation’s size and needs.

This doesn’t include the extra hidden costs of maintenance and repairs, fitting out your workspace with desks and chairs, bringing in and keeping alive plants (proven to help your team’s happiness and productivity), and ensuring everything runs smoothly and every bill is paid on time.

Coworking for a better world

Coworking offers not only an all-inclusive cost per month that covers all utilities and fees, but it also allows you to make the most of ethical suppliers.

With meeting room access included in every membership, businesses are able to impress clients, host their own events, and take advantage of every amenity included in Farmington Co-Work membership.

Farmington Co-Work

Home to Farmington’s best businesses, Farmington Co-Work provides premium workspaces for teams of every size.

With all-inclusive amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, Large TV Screen, coffee, water, storage and member access, Farmington Co-Work helps keep your team happy in beautiful spaces.